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In the simplest terms, Cloud Computing means storing and accessing data and programs over the internet instead of your computer's hard drive.

Files and programs stored in the cloud can be accessed anywhere by users on the service, eliminating the need to always be near physical hardware. In the past, for example, a user created a document and stored it on a physical hard drive, USB drive or disk. Without some kind of hardware component, the files were completely inaccessible outside the computer they originated on. Cloud computing makes the documents available everywhere because the data actually lives on a network of hosted servers that transmit data over the internet.

Cloud Computing
Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing is the use of hardware and software to deliver a service over a network.

Cloud computing facilitates the access of applications and data from any location worldwide and from any device with an internet connection.

Cloud computing offers businesses with scalable computing resources hence saving them on the cost of acquiring and maintaining them.

There are various Cloud based solutions that may be applicable to your business. We can look at all your data storage, backups, applications and operating systems and hardware you use, to provide alternatives that will save you money instantly.